Store Launch!

Alrighty y'all, it's finally happening! The Tiny Cloud online shop is officially open! Woo hoo, hip hip hooray!! Thank you for all the support over the years, specifically to my mom, dad, and boyfriend as well as all the wonderful people running and shopping at the shows I've done over the years.

A special thank you to my sister and fellow artist, Mory-René, who creates amazing illustrations and wrangled me into my first craft show after college. Actually, they're really responsible for putting me in my first like 5 craft shows! Seriously though, look them up. 

Their website is and they have a link to their online shop on there as well. Their stuff is awesome!

Another thank you shout-out to Sherri Simms, a magnificent professor at UA who ran the Boston Mills Experience class that allowed me to learn all about how to get into doing craft shows. It also let me know early on that yes, this is something I enjoy and want to pursue a career in making and selling wares. 

A third bulk shout-out to all the craft shows that have accepted me and helped me grow over the years! These include Crafty Mart, Downtown Canton Flea, Cleveland Bazaar, The Youngstown Flea, Handmade Toledo. I should also mention some lovely anime conventions I've shown at that are always so much fun to do, including Ohayocon in Columbus, Tekko in Pittsburgh, and Zipcon at my alma mater in Akron, Ohio!

Okay, now on to some business! I plan on using this blog feature of the shop to update with show announcements and schedules for my summer and holiday seasons, as well as special updates on anime conventions I'll be attending. Unfortunately, I don't feel it'd be particularly accurate to share any show information at this time because of the current pandemic situation and the liability of things to change. As of right now the only event I feel is likely to be safe to announce is that TCC will be participating in Tekko 2021 in July! It's more than a year away, but it's the only thing I'm fairly certain will be safely able to happen and I'm SO looking forward to it.

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Hope you're all staying safe and doing okay,