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Tiny Cloud Ceramics

Frolicking Friends Made-to-Order Mugs!

Frolicking Friends Made-to-Order Mugs!

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They're here! They're frolicking, they're friends, they're here!

Welcome to the special listing for the made to order Frolic Mugs!

These mugs are NOT currently made, because you get to pick out what it'll look like! Wow! More exclamation marks!!

Items ordered this way will take an estimated 3 weeks to produce. These are not finished mugs and production will begin on items once I receive the order.

The way that this works is that you'll make your choice out of a few different options pictured in this listing, and then either write out your choices in an order note before checkout OR send me an email with your order number and choices. If you don't do this, I wont know what to do for your mug. Please make sure the number is the "TCxxxx" style number, not your confirmation number. Things on my end are organized by the TC number.

You have 48 hours after placing the order to email with your order number and let me know your choices before I'll have to cancel your order. 

You choose a few things this time: how many friends, body style, fur patterning, ferns or flowers, and this time there is the option of adding a halo to any friends. All these options are pictured on the listing, but I'm listing what they are here as well with some more explanation and examples at the end:


You can choose from 1-4


K is cats

K1- short hair, K2- long hair, K3- short hair face and fluffy tail, K4- short hair with a docked tail, K5- long hair with a docked tail

D is dogs

D1- pointy ears with short curled tail D2- pointy ears with long tail, D3- pointy ears with docked tail, D4- floppy ears with short curled tail, D5- floppy ears with long tail, D6- floppy ears with docked tail


Patterns are for both dogs and cats, but examples are cats. C6 will have a slightly different cat vs dog marking, as seen in image.

C1- plain, C2- striped, C3- all color, C4- tuxedo, C5- spots on eyes and tail, C6- face and points colored, C7- spots on right eye and tail 2, C8 spots on left eye and tail.

Adding +halo to the number code will give them a halo


Separating the two scenes will be an abstract plant. Please choose if you want ferns or flowers.


If you don't want to pick markings or anything, you can just pick kitty or puppy and how many, and I'll do a random combination that I think is cute.


If you wanted multiple friends that are the same, mention that first.

Example 1: Friend 1: K1C3, Friend 2: K1C6+halo, flowers

Example 2: Friend 1 and 2: K3C5, Friend 3: D5C1

Example 3: Wild Card 2 dogs.


Ok hopefully that wasn't too complicated! I know there's a lot to consider, but I want you guys to be able to have exactly what you want.

Reminder that these mugs will take an estimated 3 weeks to produce.

If you want to do an in-person pickup at my studio in Portage Lakes, use the code "local pickup" to cancel out the shipping. Then email me with your order number to confirm that was on purpose, and I'll contact you when the mugs are done to coordinate the pickup. 

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