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Tiny Cloud Ceramics

MTO Moon Mug (read desc)

MTO Moon Mug (read desc)

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Welcome to the special listing for Made To Order Moon Mugs!

This listing is for MTO style Moon Mugs, meaning they aren't made yet! You'll get to pick the color, approximate size, and what lusters you want or dont want. Customizable! Woo hoo!

All mugs are made from stoneware and decorated with sgraffitoed underglaze, topped with a clear glaze, and you can choose the option to have luster accents added. If you choose to not have luster, the moon and stars will be sgraffito (white).

Please note that lusters are metallic, which means they are NOT microwave safe. This is true for both gold and pearl luster.

Because of the nature of this listing, mugs ordered this way will take a minimum of 5 weeks to produce. There is a slight chance they will get done early, but 5 is the most accurate estimate I can give. If things go wrong, it could take longer, so if there is a time constraint just be aware of that.

How to order

Add the item to your cart with whether or not you'd like luster on it (because of the price difference). Before checkout, you'll have the option of "add a note to your order" This is where you will let me know your choices!

Choices are:

Colors: Black, White, Lilac

Height: Tall or Short

Luster: Gold, Pearl, Both or Neither (make sure you chose the right option on the listing as the price is different)

Pearl luster will be added as a layer on the striped and scalloped portion at the bottom of the mug as well as on the moon. Gold will be added as the moon and stars. If you choose both, it'll be gold moon and stars with pearl on the bottom unless otherwise specified.

Height isn't going to be exact, but the proportions will be approximately those of the example images.

Ok, that's it! Thank you for your support!

*If you forget to add the note to the order, send it to ASAP.

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