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Tiny Cloud Ceramics

Pink Strawberry Mug

Pink Strawberry Mug

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The style that started it all! Except now it's pink!! This strawbebby is based on a commission I completed early in 2021 that got the brain juices flowin' for this whole collection.

This lord of berries measures in at about 3" wide at the top, 3.75" tall, and holds approximately 13oz of whatever you want.

Use it for coffee, tea, maybe a delicious strawberry shortcake?

This mug was thoughtfully crafted out of white stoneware and underglaze. It is one of a kind, with the freehand drawn strawberry design wrapping around the exterior.

Please keep in mind that a dishwasher puts unnecessary stress on any ceramic items that go in it, so stick to hand-washing if you can. It is microwave safe.

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