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Tiny Cloud Ceramics

Spooky Mugs 2021 (made to order)

Spooky Mugs 2021 (made to order)

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Hello, and welcome to this special listing!

This is for 2021 Halloween mugs! They are all made to order this year, so this listing is how you let me know I should make one for you! Kind of like a preorder? (Maybe exactly like a preorder)

 Items ordered this way will take a minimum of 5 weeks to produce. These are not finished mugs and production will begin on items once I receive the order.

Please let me know what your base color and which pattern option you’d like via the "add a note to your order" BEFORE checkout.

Base colors shown are black and orange, but if you want to get spicy and order a different base color that’s totally fine as well! Please look at my other work for examples of colors I can do, and know that slight variations are possible with the way I mix my colors.

Pattern options are white pumpkin/outline ghost OR white ghost/outline pumpkin. Both options are shown in the images for black and orange.

All mugs are made from white stoneware with underglaze sgraffito carved designs. Each piece is entirely hand made and pattern will vary slightly per piece. To be clear, that means ghosts/pumpkins will be in a similar frequency on each mug but the exact positions will not be the same. 

Please let me know what your base color and ghost/pumpkin choice is via the cart notes option BEFORE checkout. 

If ordering multiple items, please specify how many you'd like of each combination.

Again, items will take a minimum of 5 weeks to produce.

If you don't let me know color and pattern options in the text box on the cart page, please email me your order number and choices.

Choices for color and pattern must be made known to TCC within 48 hours of placing your order or your order WILL BE CANCELLED and refunded.


Thank you so much for your support and Happy Halloween!!

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